DJ-MC Jeff

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Jeff DiDomenico is one of the top Master of Ceremonies in the USA.

Jeff began as an assistant coordinator on Valentine's day, 2000. He has a background mixing with turntables and has now turned toward C.D. mixing.

Jeff is developing a reputation for his ability to mix different genres of music seamlessly. He is known for being flexible with the various people he interacts with throughout an event. Jeff has a easy-going personality with a good mix of music. Jeff was active with an improv group in Burbank known as The Improviders. The Improviders experience helps Jeff to handle unexpected situations efficiently and with humor. He is active with equity-waiver productions and is comfortable in front of an audience.

Jeff spent the last half of 2004 working as a disc jockey and cruise staff member for GALAXY CRUISES, but he prefers dry land and the big city of Los Angeles. He's one of our most popular entertainers.


Jeff & Lu Ann Berg, 09-04-2005, University Club
"Jeff was instrumental in coordinating the timeline of the service; playing music EVERYONE liked during the cocktail reception; and had an unbelievably good selection of music during dinner. (I had not mentioned that Johnny Mathis is one of my favorites & he played it). He played "Cara Mia" Jay & the Americans!!! We will call you for all future functions. You took all of the worry out of how to organize, lead & control 100 + people in a ceremony & reception. Where we had no experience (we were just rhying to get dressed & say our vows, you allowed us to do just THAT!) ... Thanks"

Name withheld by request, 04-20-02 Wedding
"Jeff was outstanding! During and after the reception we received several compliments on the music. Jeff helped make our day perfect. Thanks!"

Ciana & Andy Wallace, 05-19-01 Wedding
"Jeff Rocked!! Everyone loved our wedding and a huge part was the music. It was an excellent variety that appealed to everyone. He was also completely professional, considerate, and respectful."